Since the Conservatives took control of Basildon Council in 2002 they have failed to build the required amount of council homes. Instead they have rolled over to developers and allowed homes to be built that are unaffordable to Basildon’s young people.

Labour has a plan to build 8,000 new council homes in Basildon by ensuring that the council adopts a policy whereby 50% of all housing developments MUST be council homes.

At the moment discussions are underway over where to build 16,000 new homes across the Borough. The Conservatives only want 3,000 to be council homes, Labour want 8,000 to be council homes and UKIP want ZERO to be council homes.

If Labour’s plans go through it will mean that families and those young people waiting to get a home of their own, will be able to apply to the council and that the council will have the housing stock available to give them a home of their own. It is what should be happening.

We can only guarantee the future of council housing in Basildon if we have more Labour councillors. That is why this May, a vote for Labour is a vote to build more council homes in Basildon. If you are affected by council housing or you know someone in your friends or family circles who need a council home, vote Labour and make it happen.

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