I am standing to be your hard-working Labour councillor for Lee Chapel North during this By-Election because we need someone who will put YOU first. We are sad to report that one of your current Labour Councillors Alan Bennett has had to retire due to ill health. We thank him for all his hard work representing Lee Chapel North Residents over many years.

Laindon is at a turning point with the redevelopment of the Laindon Centre finally about to take place as a result of the hard work of your Labour Councillors, something the Conservatives never achieved during their many years of running the council. We achieved it in just 1 year! Sadly, the Conservative are now back in control of Basildon Council after the recent local elections. We cannot allow them to ride roughshod over Laindon and Lee Chapel North and put at risk the investments we are about to see happen.

To me, every resident should feel safe in Laindon & Lee Chapel North and one of our most important pledges to you is working to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the face of the ridiculous Conservative Police Cuts. Already the Billericay Conservatives are showing their true colours, giving many of their councillors massive pay rises for new council positions. We cannot allow this to continue. I’ve grown up in Basildon and want to do my bit for the local community. And as your hard-working councillor I’ll fight the new Conservative Council to protect our local services and demand more investment to improve our areas in Laindon and Lee Chapel North.

Finally, on behalf of me and my Basildon Labour colleagues I would like to wish England all the best in the World Cup!

The by-election in Lee Chapel North take place on 21st June, dont forget to vote Labour.

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