The Conservatives have destroyed our town, they have been soft on crime, left our estates to rot and allowed our town centre to fall into ruin. In the May 2019 you have a choice, you can vote to allow the Conservatives to continue their demolition of everything that made Basildon great or you can vote for a change, vote to take back control, vote Labour.

If Labour win the May 2019 local elections in Basildon, we will do everything we can to take back control of our town and start work on a future that is fair for all in our town, not just the few.

  • We will put the streetlights back on in Basildon.
  • We will begin work to remove the Basildon Borough from Essex County Council and become a unitary authority.
  • We will freeze council tax for the 2020/2021 financial year.
  • We will reverse the soft gypsy and traveller policy in the draft Local Plan.
  • We will support Bowers Gifford and Hovefields Neighbourhood plans with development.
  • We will invest £1m into street cleaning services.
  • We will reduce the salaries of Councillors.
  • We will remove the £10 collection charge that has led to an increase in flytipping.
  • We will reverse the decision to sell the taxpayer land next to the golf course for just £1.
  • We will accelerate the councils housebuilding so we build 1,000 homes by 2022.
  • We will introduce a community bus service on the School Avenue Estate in Laindon.
  • We will begin a Joint Venture to acquire and rebuild Basildon Town Centre.
  • We will put park wardens back in our parks.
  • We will install the CCTV we funded in 2018.
  • We will work with primary schools to provide nurseries for 2 and 3 year olds across the borough.
  • We will oppose the closure of Fryerns and Vange libraries.
  • We will continue the hot meal service at the George Hurd Centre.
  • We will invest in knife prevention programmes to get knives off our street.
  • We will protect Dunton from further mass development.
  • We will work to regenerate the Barge pub and Pitsea Bingo Hall.


You have a chance to make a difference in May, you have a chance to restore some pride in your town. Vote LABOUR.