Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Basildon & Billericay

“If you want an MP who can just talk the talk then you may as well switch this page off. But if you want an MP who has lived in the real world, that knows what it is like to struggle and will actual stand up for ordinary people then it may be worth giving me a shot”.

Having lived in Basildon all his life, Andrew really understands the issues
that are affecting people in Basildon. Andrew is not your typical politician,
to Andrew a spade is a spade and he is not afraid to have a laugh.

Andrew joined The Labour Party because he believes it is the only political party that truly represents ordinary people; the people who work hard, the people who have to fight really hard to make ends meet and the people who care about their country.

Andrew loves England, but he believes that our great nation has been let down over the last decade and that is something he wants to fix, by giving the power back to ordinary people. A vote for Andrew is a vote for ordinary hardworking people. A vote for Andrew is a vote for real change.

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Twitter: @andrewfgordon