Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Basildon & Billericay has launched an online petition to save the Billericay police station.

Earlier this month, the station was mooted for closure following heavy cuts to the Essex police budget but Labour’s candidate thinks the station must be retained at all costs.

Gavin explained, “Crime in Basildon and Billericay is rising and the town is a clear target for burglars and other criminals, as a result of the Tories turn out our streetlights. This is exactly the wrong time to close our police station and reduce the police presence on our street.

“We know that since David Cameron became Prime Minister, over 600 police officers have been sacked in Essex. How many more does he plan to sack if he is still in post after the election? TheLabour Party warned that if you cut police budgets by 20% you would impact on frontline services. The Tories ignored the expert advice. Their arrogance has cost police officers their jobs and theBasildon and Billericya public their safety.

“Since the streetlights were turned off, the constituency has felt far less safe. People tell me that they no longer feel safe in their own homes because they have been the target of multiple burglaries or that their cars have been stolen. We need out police to be supported not sacked.

“If I was Billericay’s MP this station’s future would be secured. I would sack the Police and Crime Commissioner and used his over-inflated salary and the cost of his election, to secure the funding we need to keep our stations open and the police on our street.

“I hope that people will sign my petition and keep the pressure on the police to keep our station open”.

To sign the petition please visit:


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