Bedroom Tax

Bedroom Tax will be scrapped by Labour

One of the issues that is raised the most to me on the doorsteps of Basildon and Thurrock is the Bedroom Tax. If elected to power next May, Labour will scrap the coalition bedroom tax and send this vile, unjust and cruel policy to the dustbin where it belongs. The Tories and Lib Dems have taken an average £700 a year from half a million low income households with two thirds of those hit having disabilities and another 60,000 being carers. Only 4.5% of affected claimants had been able to move to smaller accommodation within the social sector, 60% have fallen behind with their rent after just six months and many who are paying are having to make cuts to other household essentials or incurring other debts. This policy tells you everything you need to know about a government who have cuts taxes for the richest while hitting low earners the hardest.