Balancing the Books

Ed Miliband: Labour will deal with the deficit and balance the books – but we will never return to the 1930s
Ed Miliband delivered a major speech on the economy this morning on how the next Labour government will build a strong economic foundation by dealing with the deficit and balancing the books – but never going down the Tory road to take Britain back to 1930s spending levels which existed before the NHS. This will be great news for residents in South Basildon and East Thurrock who are suffering under this failed Tory-led coalition.



Housing benefit bill increases

1467229_1429475130632273_486777121_nLabour’s Parliamentary Candidates for Basildon have responded to official figures from Shelter which demonstrate that the housing benefit bill in Basildon has increased under the current Government.

Figures show a total of 13,880 housing benefit claimants in Quarter 1 of 2010 compared to 14,573 in Quarter 3 of 2013.

Mike Le-Surf, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock explained, “The Tory-led Government has made great play on the fact that they want to reduce the benefit bill and make housing a priority, so much so that together with the Liberal Democrats, they have set about introducing the pernicious bedroom tax.