We Are Proud to Live in a Diverse and Tolerant Society

“We are proud to live in a diverse and tolerant society. Racism, xenophobia and hate crimes have no place in our country.
We Basildon Borough Council condemn racism, xenophobia and hate crimes unequivocally. We will not allow hate to become acceptable.
Basildon Borough Council will work to ensure local bodies and programmes have support and resources needed to fight and prevent racism and xenophobia.
We reassure all people living in Basildon Borough Council that they are valued members of our community.”



Is The Morrisons Development Under Threat Again?

Morrisons’ has once again announced a disappointing set of financial results. We now hear that the company’s pre-tax losses have deepened to £792m increasing from £176m only a year ago. Add to that a fall in sales by 5.9% in the year to February. The supermarket has announced as a result of this poor set of results they intend to close 23 stores and cut 300 jobs. This is the company’s worst set of results for 8 years.



Gavin Speaks Out on Hospital Funding

Basildon Hospital has broken the news that it faces a £20million blackhole in this financial year. Basildon and Billericay candidate Gavin Callaghan responds: Mike Le-Surf and I warned in September 2014 that if the hospital did not tackle the rising cost of agency staff and our local MPs did not Read more…