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Tory cuts hit police in Pitsea

Essex Police need to make £63 million of cuts imposed by the Tory Government and as predicted the axe is going to be falling in Pitsea with the closure of the local police station; which will no longer be used for either front-counter or backroom staff operations. Pitsea police station however is part of the community and residents do not want it to disappear. Police stations are however a symbol of the law, a very real permanent reminder of the rules that govern our country. Officers on the beat are a transient presence whilst police stations are constant. Police stations themselves are not impractical.  They help in giving the sense of security that residents so need.



Is The Morrisons Development Under Threat Again?

Morrisons’ has once again announced a disappointing set of financial results. We now hear that the company’s pre-tax losses have deepened to £792m increasing from £176m only a year ago. Add to that a fall in sales by 5.9% in the year to February. The supermarket has announced as a result of this poor set of results they intend to close 23 stores and cut 300 jobs. This is the company’s worst set of results for 8 years.