The Conservative Administration has finally accepted that their claim for outrageous allowance will not be tolerated.

At a meeting of Full Council on Thursday 18th October a report was presented from the council’s Independent Renumeration Panel which continued to support their original recommendation set out in July calling on the Conservative’s to reduce their allowances.  The Conservative’s rejected the original report asking for the panel to meet with all Chairmen and Vice Chairmen to discuss their responsibilities in an attempt to justify why their original increase in allowances by over £100,000 was acceptable.

During the meeting several vitally important items appeared on the agenda which all warranted debate.  However, despite attempts by Labour Councillors throughout the evening, the Conservative’s refused to support the removal of the Guillotine, which in effect would have culled the 11.30pm cut off time for the meeting to conclude and would have allowed all matters to be discussed in full.

Labour Deputy Leader, David Burton Sampson

Labour Deputy Leader, David Burton Sampson

Labour’s Deputy Leader, David Burton-Sampson says. “The actions of the Conservative’s at Full Council in stifling debate was totally undemocratic and unacceptable.  We had important matters to debate such as the Local Plan, an emergency motion on the failure to recover £4m spent on the eviction of Dale Farm, the new Conservative Corporate Plan and of course the report concerning the Conservative’s excessive allowance.”

“It was clear that Cllr Baggott and his administration did all they could to avoid the embarrassment of having to admit that they have overinflated their own self-important and are the most expensive group of councillors Basildon has ever seen, all through their own making.”

Conservative Leader, Andrew Baggot

“This whole saga has been scandalous and has wasted the time of our independent renumeration panel.  Cllr Baggott should do the right thing and apologise to the public for his administration’s excessive waste of council taxpayer’s money.”

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