It is fair to say, after speaking to thousands of local Basildon residents, we have found one of the communities number one issues is crime. We have seen The Conservative Party cut police numbers by almost 20,000 and decimate policing budget.

We at Basildon Labour believe in common sense politics and if you take 20,000 police of our streets, then you are going to see an increase in crime. On top of that you have had savage cuts to youth services and savage cuts to our education system which has meant young people are under more pressure than ever.

A vote for Labour on May 3rd will send a message to The Conservatives that the status quo is not acceptable and the cutbacks to our Police need to stop. Locally however, Labour have not just been standing by while our residents have been demanding action, here are just some of the things we have done to help keep Basildon safe over the last nine months:

  • Secured funding for 15 EXTRA police officers across Basildon Borough
  • Saved Basildon Custody Suite from closure meaning Basildon’s criminals will no longer risk evading justice.
  • Committed a record amount of money in domestic violence prevention schemes.
  • Invested in CCTV in Northlands Park to help combat crime.
  • Helped deliver the Together for Safer Communities initiative that ensured thousands of residents received crime prevention kits and have committed to running more events next year.

We want to keep working hard to reduce crime in our borough and hold The Conservative Government to account for their failings however we can only do this if we have your vote on May 3rd. Vote Labour for a safer Basildon.




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