I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain why I am standing to be your local representative in the upcoming elections. I am a 33 year old IT Support Technician and have lived in Basildon my whole life and have a detailed knowledge of the issues affecting our town.

Outside of work I am heavily involved in the community, and volunteer with the local mental health trust on a regular basis. While I was at university, I was honoured to be elected as the Disability Officer on two occasions and have a strong record of making things happen and getting problems sorted.

I am seeking to be your councillor so that I can continue this, and work to improve the life and life chances of everyone in the borough. I am absolutely determined to make Fryerns the best part of Basildon and a place that residents are proud to live in, where the streets are clean and tidy, maintaining our green and open spaces and protecting them from over development, and ensuring that play areas and other community facilities are available for everyone to use.

If there are any issues you would like me to address, or you would like to discuss any of my campaign pledges, please contact me.

If I am lucky enough to have your vote on May 3rd and become your councillor, I promise to work hard and always stand up for you.

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