Born and brought up in Dagenham I first became politically aware when my Aunt Betty was involved in the Ford Machinists’ strike in 1968 – my first insight into issues of inequality. For as long as I can remember I have always striven to achieve fairness and fight injustice, at school, in my work and in my everyday life.

Recently retired, as a teacher I always worked with the neediest young people, the weak and the vulnerable, trying to break down barriers to learning and achievement and to help give them the best foundations for adult life – something we want for all our children.

I have lived in Lee Chapel North since 2007 and I have been very happy here. I have lovely neighbours and there is a definite sense of community – but there is much that could be improved. I believe people everywhere deserve to live in a safe, clean, thriving community, with security at home and at work and with easy access to public services, support services and leisure opportunities.

I hope to use my passion for fairness and equality to work towards achieving these aims for the people of Lee Chapel North. I want to be here for my community, to listen to your needs and concerns and be your voice on the council.

Vote Labour on May 3rd so that I can speak up for you.

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