shapeimage_1 Basildon Hospital has broken the news that it faces a £20million blackhole in this financial year. Basildon and Billericay candidate Gavin Callaghan responds:

Mike Le-Surf and I warned in September 2014 that if the hospital did not tackle the rising cost of agency staff and our local MPs did not fight for additional GP surgeries in the borough, things would go from bad to worse at Basildon Hospital.

The real reason that the debt is spiralling is because the Tory-led government is seeking to run Basildon Hospital into the ground in order to justify further privatisation. The reality is, £24million was taken out of frontline patient care in 2012 to pay for a top-down reorganisation that no one wanted and John Baron and Stephen Metcalfe promised people in our town they wouldn’t implement. In other words our local Tory MPs caused a £20million deficit in our hospital because they renamed the ‘PCT’ the ‘CCG’ and sacked the staff before re-hiring them again. This is a pretty expensive broken promise from our Tory MPs and they shouldn’t be forgiven in May.

“There is no need for Basildon’s NHS to be unsustainable. We need to get back to hiring permanent staff rather than increasing the agency staff cost, and we need MPs who will secure the additional £12million of GP surgeries that are needed to cope with existing population demand and we need a Labour government that will invest an extra £2.5billion a year in the NHS paid for through an increased rate of council tax on homes worth more than £1million. This will ease the burden on the hospital’s emergency services. If the Tories are allowed another five years in office, the CCG predicts that the actual blackhole in our local NHS will actually be nearer £71million. We cannot afford to let that happen or the NHS will be gone forever/

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