I’m proud to be your candidate for Pitsea South East this year. Having stood in 2016, I have been able to meet many Pitsea residents on the doorstep and I’m excited about representing you into the future, and relaying your views at council level.

About myself – I have lived in this borough for the last 14 years, went to secondary school here, and have been fortunate to have many friends who live in the area. I have spent time volunteering at the local Citizens Advice Bureau in Basildon, helping local people deal with housing and debt issues, as well as the elderly and the issues they face day to day. This has meant I have been able to get a decent grasp of the issues that affect all of us in the area.

From talking to Pitsea locals over the last 2 years, I know you are frustrated with the lack of action, whoever you seem to vote in.

If elected, I promise to work hard to make Pitsea South East an area which becomes a priority for council funding, so we can clean up our pavements, mend the road potholes, and get more police officers on the streets to keep people safe.

There isn’t long now till May 3rd, but please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any issues you would like to discuss (some of you may have already bumped into me!), so we can start putting Pitsea back on the map.

If you vote me in, you’ll continue to see me in the local area, working hard to actually get things done, and engaging local people to improve Pitsea South East.

If you are voting Labour on May 3rd, tell your friends here

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