Essex Labour councillors tabled an amendment to Essex County Full Council
meeting on Tuesday.

The amendment challenged the Conservatives to build more affordable housing. The
amendment was debated but was voted down by the majority Conservative Council.
Housing and Infrastructure Fund Bids.

The proposed Conservative motion celebrates the news that three of its Housing and
Infrastructure Fund bids (HIFs) to Government have been successful. Labour’s Cllr Allan Davies put forward an amendment to “recognise with concern that there is a shortage of affordable housing and additionally that no Starter Homes have been built anywhere in the UK since the programme was announced by the Government in 2014.”

Cllr Davies who represents Laindon Park and Fryerns says “The Starter Home
project was a huge announcement by the government in 2014 to provide homes for
aspiring new home owners. But to date, no Starter Homes have been built and this
demonstrates an acute lack of commitment from the Conservatives.”

“In March 2016 the government committed to building 200,000 high quality starter
homes exclusively for young first-time buyers under 40, to be sold at a minimum of
20 per cent below the open market value.”

Pitsea Cllr Pat Reid who supported the amendment says “According to government
sources £250m has been spent on land but currently no specific starter homes have
been built yet.”

By comparison a Labour government will tackle the housing crisis, by building
100,000 affordable council and housing association homes a year, to rent and buy.
Cllr Davies continues “The government, and it seems Essex County Council, are not
facing up to the housing crisis. After 3 years of inaction, does this not demonstrate
that Conservatives have no long-term plans to build the mix of homes that this
country and Essex needs?”

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