Labours attempt to increase the war on Fly Tipping in the Basildon Borough has been voted down by the Basildon Conservatives.  Labours Deputy Leader in Basildon and Spokesperson for Corporate Resources, Cllr David Burton-Sampson, tabled an amendment to a recommendation to increase resource in this area at a recent meeting of the councils Corporate Resources of labour party

The original recommendation was to provide an additional two Street Scene Enforcement Officers to educate and enforce as well as spending £10,000 on a CCTV pilot at locations where the largest and most frequent fly tipping occurs.  Labour put forward an amendment to increase this to four additional enforcement officers for the next 2 years and for £70,000 to be spent on CCTV.  It was proposed to pay the extra £224,000 needed from a budget saving of £1,000,000 made by the previous Labour led administration last year.

Says David, “We put forward a fully costed scheme which would not just scratch the surface in solving the blight of fly tipping in our borough but would have a big impact.  However, the Conservatives implied it was wasting huge sums of money and voted it down.  We would rather be spending our resident’s money on solving problems in this borough than giving councillors rises in allowances.  This big problem needs a big solution and what better way to spend the money we saved last year by improving the environment for our residents and holding those to account who try to ruin it.”

Adds David, “We invested in more Pride Teams last year who have done a fantastic job in starting to clean up our forgotten estates.  We wanted to do more as that was only the start of the job.  It is a real shame that the Basildon Conservatives could not support us in taking this work further.”

The worst affected areas of the borough are in Lee Chapel North, Pitsea, St. Martin’s, Vange, Fryerns and Nethermayne.  Labour Councillors are committed to continuing the fight against Fly Tipping and will work to represent our residents in ensuring all that is possible is done to combat this issue.

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