Nethermayne_meeting1.jpgOn Sunday morning I was delighted to attend and speak at a meeting with local councillors organised by the local community in Nethermayne who have real concerns about the increase in crime in the area and want Essex county council to turn the street lights back on. The crime in Nethermayne was reported in last week’s Echo and residents are demanding action. Another Basildon Echo article highlighted this week that there are alternatives. Southend council are taking a phased approach to switching to LED lights stating there is “very, very clear evidence that lack of street lighting does increase crime”.

Of course it does. Otherwise the police would not be asking for the lights to go back on in crime hotspots in across the county. In fact the only two groups of people who are against the idea of switching the lights back on seem to be the Tories at county hall who imposed the policy and their UKIP chums who also do not see the benefit of night lighting. The Conservative/UKIP coalition at Basildon council needs to start listening to their residents and make sure their views are made clear at county hall. The meeting on Sunday morning was a great example of local people getting together to address local problems. Let’s hope there is a U-turn from the current administration before further lives are damaged in the area.

Mike Le-Surf
Labour parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock

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