Pitsea North West councillor, Gavin Callaghan has reiterated his call for £50,000 to be awarded to the Pitsea Community Panel to give the group a chance to spend the money on issues that really matter to them.

Cllr Callaghan explained, “The Cabinet member for resources indicated during his budget speech that there was £200,000 of under-spend left over for the next financial year from the Pitsea regeneration plan. He committed to ensuring that all of the monies was invested back into Pitsea.

“I want my residents to have a direct say in where some of that funding goes which is why the Labour Party have called for 25% of the cash to be handed straight over to the Pitsea Community Panel to give the group some real teeth. The Panel meeting is always brilliantly attended by passionate people who not only have issues, but they have ideas. Labour councillors and candidates want to ensure that resident’s input forms part of our policies. What better way to empower a community than by giving them£50,000 and helping them to spend it on areas of most importance to them”?

David Burton-Sampson, Labour’s Candidate for Pitsea South East added, “The Tory-led Council are yet to announce how they plan to spend the £200,000 earmarked in the budget for Pitsea. Instead of local councillors telling residents how we will spend their money, Labour wants to give the power to local people to have a direct say and direct influence over where they live”.

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