Over the past couple of months various residents have got in contact with me since they were made aware that I will be standing in Pitsea South East this May, and one question has come up time and time again “Why was Pitsea swimming pool closed”.

Pitsea Market

Kayode campaigning in Pitsea

The Conservative led council promised that Morrisons would open a new store creating many jobs for Basildon, and now we find that another tenant has been found, but will only occupy 75% of the site, meaning the pool could have stayed. Inevitably, less jobs will be created, and a well-used local facility is now gone.

The regeneration plan was a genuine opportunity to give a real boost to the area, but the whole thing has turned into a shambles. One very kind lady who took her time to talk to me at the bottom of Halstow way made the most obvious point of all; with Aldi and Lidl already present and serving Pitsea residents, how did the Morrisons proposals even get off the ground? She had written to both the council and even Morrisons themselves to explain how these developments did not make sense, already backed by Labour councillors who had warned of the risks,  but clearly neither were listened to. A genuinely sad state of affairs. Hopefully this May the local residents in Pitsea and Basildon can vote with their feet and get a council who actually acts on behalf of residents.

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