Housing is a key issue for local people and the issue of housing is something that Basildon Labour takes extremely seriously. Here is what we have achieved in the last year of running Basildon Council:

  • We introduced the Keyworker Housing Scheme, meaning that doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers and firefighters who work in the borough can ow a home of their own within the borough.
  • We passed our Local Plan which outlines where new homes over the next 20 years can and cannot be built. We protected our greenbelt and we ensured that new homes cannot be built until there is new infrastructure such as new schools, GP surgeries and roads.
  • Disabled residents have been offered more support towards their Local Council Tax so they are empowered to live more independently.
  • We introduce a levy on all housing developers meaning they will have to pay the Council money upfront for infrastructure before even a spade can be put in the ground.
  • We have installed sprinklers into communal blocks of the Felmores estate following the devastating fires.
  • We built the first Council homes in 25 years and moved new tenants into the properties in March.
  • Plans were unveiled to build 600 more social houses in the next five years to support more people off of the council waiting list.
  • Labour has put in place a new scheme to help us to deal with rogue landlords who leave their homes in bad conditions for their tenants.

Ultimately, Basildon Labour Party want to make sure Basildon residents get a fair deal when it comes to housing, for too long The Conservatives have not built social housing, have failed to get the right infrastructure in place on developments and have ignored the concerns of local people. Labour have set a new bar on housing in Basildon and want to continue to raise that bar but can only do that with your support on May 3rd.

Vote for Labour for a better and fairer deal on housing in Basildon.

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