I want to be the Member of Parliament for South Basildon and East Thurrock because I care about our community and I am concerned about the future of our country after a decade of decline

I have lived in the Basildon Borough for the last 26 years. It is the place I call home. I’m a community worker, I run programmes that support individuals into work and on crime prevention. I work with individuals that have just left school not knowing what they want to do, I work with individuals that have worked in industries for thirty years that are closing down and I work with individuals that have been declared fit for work under the mandatory reassessment process. I see on a daily basis the challenges that our current MP voted for in Westminster. I am a Councillor, I see how chronically underfunded our councils are not allowing us to do the job the electorate put us in a position to do, I know your frustrations in getting on the housing lists, fly-tipping or road improvements, I know your frustrations on estate maintenance. I like many others depend on public services.

The most important duty of any government is to protect its citizens.The last decade has seen 750 police officers removed from our streets whilst crime has risen 17%.

There are two tests that I place on any government. The first:

The judgement on any government should be on how they treat those most vulnerable. Over the last decade we have seen:

  • 3000% increase in Foodbank usage
  • The highest levels of homelessness of record
  • 38% increase in child poverty. In this constituency is 30% the 10th highest in essex
  • 28% behind our targets for operations at hospitals

Through my own family, I have seen first hand the challenges in social care where the care you receive is decided by the post-room that you have.

I have seen the hard work and dedication of staff performing the job to the best of their ability who are overworked and under-resourced.

The second:

The ambition for each government should be judged on how much better the next generations life chances than that of the current one.

  • A place where everyone can get a job
  • Where people can have a home
  • Where we have outstanding schools
  • Where we are able to receive the treatment when we need it

On both these tests this government has failed.

Over the last decade of decline we have seen:

  • School class sizes bursting supported by the most significant funding cuts
  • Young people leaving university saddled with debt
  • Individuals finding it harder to get on the housing market
  • Unemployment in this constituency higher than the national average

These are challenges that can be fixed. We just need to elect a government that wants to.

We can and have the opportunity to do better than this. 

I will challenge of Brexit in a way that brings the Country together.

In this election we have the opportunity to invest in our society, providing opportunities making a better and safer constituency but to do that we need real change.