If you are wondering who to vote for in Basildon then this top ten list is for you! So here we go the top TEN reasons why you should vote for Labour in Basildon:

1) Labour Councillors are some of the most HARDWORKING in Basildon. Don’t just believe us, check out this special investigation by the local newspaper!

2) Labour want to BUILD 600 more council homes in Basildon after building the first in Basildon for 25 years.

3) The Conservative record on supporting people who are vulnerable and have disabilities in Basildon is SHAMEFUL , not only have Conservative councillors said they ‘dont give toss’ about services that support people with disabilities and one of their council candidates called disabled people unwashed! Labour have consistently supported vulnerable and disabled, re-instating the hot meals service at The George Hurd Centre that the conservatives cut and by voting to support disabled people pay their council tax.

4) Labour in Basildon have made decisions to REDUCE executive pay and slash councillor allowances, something The Conservatives failed to do in 15 years.

5) A vote for Labour in May will send a CLEAR message to The Conservative Party, their congestion charge in Basildon will not be tolerated! Labour will completely reject a congestion charge for Basildon and ran a petition against the scheme which received over 10,000 signatures!

6) Labour have committed to keeping our streets clean after 15 years of Conservative neglect, Labour have and will continue to INVEST in cleaning up some of local estates spending over £300,000 on new pride teams which is something The Conservatives opposed.

photo of labour party

7) The Conservatives have spent 15 years DIVIDING Basildon Borough, for too long they have neglected poorer parts of the town to protect their ‘safe seats’ in Billericay. This has resulted in increased crime, poverty and depravation. Labour are committed to investing fairly across our town and actually doing something about the crippling inequality that exists in our town. You can get involved in the work to tackle this inequality by following the links here.

8) Labour will work hard to REDUCE crime and disorder on our streets, not only were Labour instrumental in stopping Basildon Custody Suite moving to Southend  but we have invested in extra CCTV for some of our local parks and for extra police officers to be stationed at Basildon Town Centre.

9) Mental Health is something the Basildon Labour Party take extremely seriously. Not only did Labour get Basildon Council signed up to The Mental Health Challenge but we placed IMPROVING mental health and well-being at the heart of Basildon Council’s corporate plan. Basildon Labour have also invested records amounts in supporting victims of domestic violence.

10)The entire borough was STARVED of investment and attention from The Conservatives. Within 9 months of being in power Labour have started work on 5 major regeneration schemes for Laindon, Pitsea, Basildon, Wickford & Billericay making sure all of our local communities have decent places to shop, work and enjoy. A vote for Labour means these regeneration schemes can continue, transforming our towns for the better.

Designs for the new look East Square in Basildon

Moving forward: What The Laindon Centre will look like








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