Since 2002, the Conservatives have run Basildon Council with the exception of 12 months in 2017. The Conservatives have let Basildon down and the reality of their record speaks for itself.

The Conservative Record in Basildon:

  • Council tax has risen by 53% since 2002.
  • They have given councillors a nearing £100,000 pay rise in 2018/2019.
  • They increased council tax in 2019/2020 despite promising not to do so.
  • They agreed to sell £1 MILLION worth of taxpayer owned land near Basildon Golf Course for just £1 to a company that is associated with making donations to The Conservative Party.
  • They turned the streetlights off in Basildon, seeing care crime and burglaries increasing.
  • They have got rid of 991 police officers and PSCOs since 2010.
  • They have stood by while Basildon Town Centre has fallen into decline.
  • They left Laindon shopping centre to fall into decline.
  • They closed Pitsea swimming pool and built over Markhams Chase.
  • They closed police stations in Pitsea and Laindon
  • They spent £4 MILLION on the Dale Farm eviction and promised they would recoup every penny of taxpayers money – they only ended up collecting £2,000
  • They have cut school funding budgets and teachers have been sacked
  • They want to close libraries across Basildon including Vange and Fryerns
  • They stopped the day centred for the elderly and removed their hot meals.
  • Your Conservative MP doesn’t even live in Basildon.
  • They refused to install CCTV cameras in Pitsea and Laindon but instead used the money to pay for new bins and benches in Billericay.
  • They introduced a policy which means that any traveller site that is currently illegal will be legalised – rewarding illegal activity.
  • Allowed the council to spend £7,500 on a new doormat.
  • They have concreted over Basildon without building the infrastructure and now plan to build over 100,000 new homes in South Essex but without any transparency as to where they will be built.
  • The Conservative County Council wont spend money on Basildon’s potholes and instead spends your council tax in places like Saffron Walden and Maldon.

Your vote matters and you can make a huge difference on Thursday 2nd May by voting LABOUR.

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